Why Every Business Needs a Professional Email Address

Let us say that you have received emails from app developers: one from [email protected] and another from [email protected] Out of these two, it is probably safe to assume that you would choose to contact the first one.

According to GoDaddy’s 2016 survey, 75% of customers would go for a business with a professional email address over one that uses Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, or the other domains that have nothing to do with the company. The customers agree that having a custom domain is one of the keys to building trust.

Professional Email Address vs Personal

If you own a business, it is necessary that you have both a personal and a business email address. Business and personal email addresses are obviously two very different things and are used for separate reasons.

The biggest difference between the two is their purpose. When you email potential clients, you should use your professional email address. It has been proven to be more efficient in reaching out to them because this type of email address is more official-sounding than a personal email. Imagine sending an email to customers from [email protected] and not your business email [email protected] You already know which among these two emails your customers will most likely respond to.

A personal email address is what you can use when emailing your family and friends. When you use your personal email, you do not have to worry about how you present yourself. Unlike business email addresses, you can create a personal email for free.

If you have been using your personal email address in contacting your customers, it is time to switch to a professional one. You can easily forward emails to your new business email with the help of apps like GSuite from Google.

Set up your account on GSuite (my opinion, this is the best service), supply your name, email address, and business name among other pieces of information and that’s it. It is important though that you have your domain name for your business before you start.

Why You Should Bother Branding Your Email for Your Business

Initially, it may seem insignificant but having your own domain for your business email address is proven to be lucrative. There is an even bigger point here than just having an email address with your company name in it. It is actually about building the credibility of your business and establishing your brand. In essence, it is the impression you are promoting your business to the outside world.

In today’s cutthroat competition, small businesses find it quite difficult to penetrate the market. Therefore, branding becomes vital to stand out from the rest.

If you are still unconvinced, here are reasons why you should stop using your personal email and switch to one that bears your business name

First impressions last. You may have heard this time and time again, but that is because it is true: first impressions do last, and this is why you want to give the right one the very first time. With the use of a branded email, you show the recipients that your company is professional and established. Conversely, when you use a generic email, you are showing inexperience, which can raise doubts regarding your business.

Build credibility. When you have a professional email address, it not only sounds, well, professional, but it also adds credibility to your company. The email address you use can help you send a signal to the receiver that you are serious about your business. Unlike with free email services, your customers will not keep wondering who you are and why you are sending emails to them.

Win trust. Your potential customers will not take you seriously if you are hiding behind a Gmail or Yahoo email account. It is synonymous to having no identity since anyone can get these emails for free. When you have a business email, you can distinguish yourself from the crowd, and this can help build your trustworthiness.

Secure data. Another fundamental reason why you should get a business email is that it provides more security than a free personal email. You may have heard about individuals getting their emails hacked or are facing malware attacks. Such incidents are more unlikely to happen when you are using a professional (paid) email.

It’s easy. It is tempting to use free email services instead of a business one because having your own domain means you need to pay for it to continue using it regularly. However, it is relatively inexpensive and is easy to set up. You do not have to be tech-savvy to have your own email with your business name following the “@” symbol. If you already have a website, you can contact your web hosting company since most packages include email creation.

For many small business owners, it can be daunting to spend money on an email address. After all, why should you pay when you can get it for free? However, you should think about the future of your business. It can help with your branding and can even give you huge returns compared to the small cost of a professional email.

What Kind of Professional Email Address Does Your Business Need?

It does not matter whether you are the only employee in your company or you have 20. You should have the following email addresses available to keep the emails organized and your business poised for future development:

Info: This type is where your customers and potential clients will send and receive emails about general information about your business. You can use [email protected] or even [email protected], but research has shown that using [email protected] is the most appealing to readers.

Your Name: Just like you, your customers would not want to receive emails from an unknown person – or even a generalized “[email protected]” all the time. They also want to know who they are connecting with and if they are talking to an actual person.

Support: There will come a time when your customers will need support from your team. Make sure you treat your existing customers because they matter and they deserve it. Use an email address exclusively generated for them. You can also use [email protected] to let your customers contact you quickly and also to facilitate requests.

Billing: You want your business to accept online payments, and one way to make things easy is to file these money matters into a separate email account. A [email protected] account can help you organize your registrations for payment services, such as when you connect them to your bank account.

Sales: Some small businesses use “[email protected]” or even “[email protected]” for sales. However, these two may be too general, which is why you should use a separate email for your sales. This part of your business will keep your company alive and kicking. You want to make sure your salespeople are doing their best to generate sales. When you have this email address, you are not only organizing your sales emails, but you can also use it to monitor your outbound marketing campaigns.

We have already established that a professional email address is necessary for your business’ growth. However, not all emails will work efficiently. Here are two basic rules to follow when choosing your email address for your business

Rule #1: Use your domain name.

It is imperative to buy your own domain name: [email protected] and not [email protected] Custom domain is not only a mark of professionalism but is also expected of businesses today.

Rule #2: Use a standard format and not one with nicknames and numbers.

Instead of using CoolDude100 or BeachLover889, use a simple username that is easy to read and spell. You can use your first name only, or you can include your whole name. You can even use a generic name, such as [email protected] Remember to add an email display name as well, which is what your readers can see next to your messages when they check their inbox.

How Other People Realized the Importance of a Professional Email Address

There are successful small business owners now who also tried to use the traditional email services. However, they soon realized it’s time to switch to a professional email address for their business. Just by using a branded email, they were able to improve their revenue and enjoyed more benefits. Here are their stories:

Ales by Mail

As the business name suggests, Ales by Mail delivers beer directly to the customer’s doorstep. For them to do this, they needed a dependable channel for communicating with their clients round the clock.

The company created an email strategy that included having their own domain name when contacting clients. Ales by Mail found that emails have helped them in reaching out to their customers and determining how they were shopping on their site.

One of their biggest concerns at that time was the abandoned carts. When they addressed this issue, they used a domain name that is specifically for their sales, and they were able to recover more than 20% of the lost revenue from the abandoned baskets.


Before the company launched in 2014, Dollboxx founders had full-time jobs, which made it almost impossible for them to handle the business. Nevertheless, they saw how important it is to communicate with their customers who are from New Zealand, Australia, Europe, Canada, and United States.

The first step of the company’s marketing campaign was to grow their contact list. As the number of people in the list multiplied, they realized how difficult it was to engage with them more consistently. Instead of sending bulk emails, they avoided the spam folder by using behavioral-based or trigger emails.

During that time, the founders that more people opened and read the emails when they were relevant to their preferences and buying histories. Additionally, the clicks also started to increase when the emails sent were more personalized. It was even more rewarding when they used a particular email address for their business transactions to contact their customers.

The company was also able to solve problems and other things, such as promotions, abandoned carts, and follow-ups on orders. After using a custom email address for their business and an effective email strategy, Dollboxx saw a huge jump in their purchase rate and an overall increase in sales of 13%.

Bee Good

Another company that appreciates the benefits of a professional email address is Bee Good. The British producer of skin care products made from honey, propolis, and beeswax started at local markets. When the sales began to grow, they expanded to the online world, and it was clear that there is a huge demand for their products.

After a few years, their business quickly flourished. What started as a husband and wife business became a team of eight people who sold, distributed, and marketed the skincare products online and offline.

To make sure that they keep their customers, they need to maintain contact with them. Email is still the best way to do that, and so they chose to take advantage of email marketing. They had problems with abandoned baskets, and they also had issues with inactive customers, which they aimed to resolve using their email strategy.

With the help of their personalized email address for their business, Bee Good started sending emails to their customers who did not make any transaction with them for at least three months. Then, they sent emails to those who would order and yet would leave their carts without completing the checkout process. The result of was they saw an average purchase increase of eight percent almost right away.


The Chicago-based cosmetics company launched in 2012 and featured makeup products that do not contain chemicals. They marketed their first product on Etsy. Soon after, many customers were waiting in line to make a purchase. The owner knew it is important to engage with the customers and one way to do that is to use email marketing.

After trying several email marketing apps, Orglamix found that the right app and strategy can help in setting up welcome emails, follow-ups on orders, abandoned cart emails, and customer service. With the use of a branded email address, the company saw an increase of 25% on their monthly revenue.

Emails should be a way to keep track of your business relationships. With a professional email address, you not only build your brand but you also cultivate your relationships with your clients and potential customers.

Key Takeaways