The Elements of a Successful Plan for Making Your First Sale

When you already have your product, you are excited to make your very first sale. You have taken photos of that product, written its descriptions, set up your online store, and provide your followers with great content. All these efforts could mean it is time to launch your product. Unfortunately, you cannot just sit back Read More

Growing Through Engagement

Think of the value of a person like a totem pole. The bottom of the totem pole is something that has no value. The top of the totem pole is the necessities to survive such as water, food, and shelter. If you don’t achieve what this article will teach you, it does not matter how Read More


How to Use Content Themes to Connect Your Content Marketing Strategies with Your Core Values

As a business owner, one of the most important strategies that you have to incorporate into your business plan is content marketing and we’ll use content themes to connect to your core values. At its core, a company’s content marketing entails why you create content, who you want to help, and how you aim to Read More

Build an Audience to Find Customers First Before Building and Launching a Product

A web designer started a blog where he shared his ideas and knowledge about the best practices in the online world. He also shared information and viewpoints on particular pieces of software as well as the Internet. His primary goal was to help businesses in creating their website. The blog eventually became famous, and readers Read More

How to Change The Game In Business

To hit new heights in growth, we are looking to change the game in business. So here’s an example of why. Go and play a game of volleyball. Now you must add an additional rule to the game that makes the game better than before. Smaller nets? Only be on 1 Leg, or how about Read More

Why Your Onboarding Experience Matters

Onboarding is about reducing all the friction between someone who is new and get them up to speed on using your product or service. You may onboard a new hire by teaching everything he needs to know in order to hit the ground running or onboarding a new product or service. I’ll be discussing the Read More

Increase Your Marketing with Push and Pull Strategies

 While there are a vast array of methods available to market your products, they all break down into push and pull strategies. Each strategy has its own benefits, and while there may be stages in your product cycle where one strategy is more useful than the other, it’s important to take a balanced approach to Read More

How To Build Customer Trust

 People are the ones who buy your products, and people are the ones who read your emails and, people are the ones who talk about your company. It’s all about the people, not numbers on a graph. I follow someone on Twitter, and I immediately get unsolicited messages. They are trying to get me to click on the link in Read More

How to Be an Expert in Growth Hacking to Unlock Your Company’s Full Growth Potential

Growth hacking has been around for just a few years, but it is now the buzzword for startup businesses. It is catching fire that it is so common for startups to look for growth hackers. Here is the obvious reason for this: they want to grow so ridiculously quick, get millions of users, and obtain Read More

Guide to Product Market Fit for Startup Businesses

For any startup, the golden rule is product market fit (PMF). Otherwise, the entrepreneur’s concept is doomed. However, defining and knowing product market fit is often difficult for some startups. It takes time and a deep understanding of the business’ target market. [toc] As an entrepreneur, you can actually sense when product market fit is Read More

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