How To Build Customer Trust

I follow someone on Twitter, and I immediately get unsolicited messages. They are trying to get me to click on the link in their message. My first response is to unfollow them. In my opinion, this automated robotic response does not work.

I asked one of the companies that sent me a message, and he says, 10% reply back. Out of the 10%, how many people click on the link and then how many people make a sale. For the rest of the 90%, what do they think of that company? Was it worth it if 90% of the people you message now do not like your brand? There is a better way to handle this.

A Few Ways to Build Customer Trust

Let’s say someone signs up to your SaaS product. A lot of companies “auto check” the opt-in box during their sign-up process. Or, they don’t have an opt-in box, and you just get a random email a week later. When you get this email about a new product, it feels unsolicited. These kind of emails are a sure way to get you to hit the “Mark as Spam” button or the unsubscribe link.

This same goes for newsletter emails after registration to an app. Why send someone a promotion when they never asked to receive it? You see, it’s a cold promotion. A cold promotion is only acceptable when it’s just not cold. There are other ways to handle on how to get your message across from people you do not know.

You see, it boils down to trust

Do you trust businesses that you have never heard from, so why buy the product?

To build customer trust and the best approach is to be genuine, how would you get your message to them if they were your friend? Would you send your friend a 5 paragraph essay on why your product rocks or would you just talk to them like a human being?

A great tactic to build customer trust is to show that you are human. Your marketing emails should have the person’s name instead of the company. It should contain the author’s picture instead of a company logo icon, and this is how you build a loyal following.

People trust People.

On the topic of Twitter and people auto messaging me. I wanted to try something different, and I added an auto messenger. Instead of trying to sell you something or trying to get you to click a link. The auto message just says “Hey, how’s it going?”

The results are amazing, and I am just striking up conversations with many people. If I have the opportunity to share them something that I am doing; sure I will. My reply rates are higher than a company or a person trying to make a hard sell because it’s genuine.

It’s important to understand that not everyone is a buyer. When you find people who are buyers, listen and talk to them. Use the tactics in this article to create your first sale. You have two ears and one mouth. So ask them questions, have a conversation and listen to their needs and see if your product can solve it for them, it’s okay to ask for the sale. You want them to champion your message and trust you, your company, and your product. If you do not solve their needs, do not try to sell to them because building the customer trust is so crucial to your business to succeed.

Some people will say, well then why do big companies like Sony do it? That’s because their brand is well known. They build their customer trust from their past products over the course of 50 years. Their previous products dictate the sales of their future products. That’s why people will buy the iPhone 7 even though there is no headphone jack!